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Thread Catcher Project Directions

These directions are for how to make a combo pin cusion/thread catcher.

I don't know how I sewed without one before! I use it by my work table, over the arm of my living room chair.. anywhere... to throw my scraps of thread and fabric in while I am working.

The pin cushion doubles as a weight to keep the thread catcher in place.

Although the catcher shown here is regular fabric, there is no reason you couldn't make it in mohair!! (except the straps)

Material List

STRAPS: 2 pieces fabric each 3" wide and 4" long

PINCUSHION: 1 piece fabric 5 1/2" wide and 7 1/2" long
Sand or fine glass beads to fill cusion
Nylon strapping - 16" long (find this around bundles
of Priority Mail boxes or on the floor at Home Depot!)

POCKET: 1 piece fabric 8" wide and 14" long


*All seam allowances are 1/4"

1) First make the straps which connect the pin cushion to the pocket Fold both pieces of fabric lengthwise along the 4" side (right sides together) and sew. Turn each tube right side out and press with the seam going down the middle of one side.

2) Now for the pin cushion. Take that piece of fabric and fold in half to form a rectangle about 5 1/2" wide and 3 1/2" long (right sides together). Pin the 2 straps along the 5 1/2" side that will be sewn shut.

Sew 2 sides leaving one of the short 3 1/2" ends open. At this point the straps will be inside the cushion. Now turn your cushion right side out. The straps will now be on the OUTside of the cushion! Fill with sand or glass beads, turn in raw edges and sew shut. I just used my sewing machine.

3) The Pocket.... Fold the pocket fabric in half (right sides together) so it is now 8" wide and 7" long. Sew the 2 side seams. Turn pocket right side out. Fold the top edge of the pocket down into the inside about 1/8" and sew. Now, take that top edge again (now that it has a nice clean edge) and turn it down again, but this time about 3/4" and pin in place.

Now... take your pin cushion which has the straps hanging out of it,... place your straps inside the pocket so the edges of the straps are even with the inside folded edge of the pocket. Sew in place along the inside edge...leaving open between the straps. You are making a casing for the nylon strapping.

Now you can stitch again, this time at the very top edge of the pocket to give the casing more strength.

Take your nylon strapping, and thread it thru the top edge of the pocket thru the opening you left between the straps. Now, just hand stitch the opening closed. You are done!

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