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Teddy Boos - First bears from free pattern

Teddy Boos Project Directions

Teddy Boos Pattern

This is a simple and fun Halloween project with which you can use some of your mohair scraps. The pattern is for both a "small" (3.5") and a "tall" (4"). The base is the same for both.

Materials needed: Mohair scraps, muslin, wool felt (pawpad material), 1 set teddy bear eyes per Teddy Boo, white felt for under eyes (optional), Aleene's Stiffen Quick, rubber bands, fiberfil, steel bb's or glass beads for weight.

First, cut out your pieces, leaving open at the top between the top arrows. Fit the base and sew on as you would a footpad on a bear. Turn right side out, fill the base with your weighted filling (it REALLY helps!) and finish stuffing with fiberfil. Close the top opening with a ladderstitch. Attach ears. Right now your Teddy Boo will look a bit like "Cousin It" with ears!

Now is time to cut the muslin. For the small "Boos" you need a 9" square, for the tall "Boos" a 10.5" square.

Now fold your muslin in half, then half again...

Now cut your square into a circle shape!

Now drape your muslin circle over your Teddy Boo... so his head is in the middle of the circle:

Grab the Teddy Boo's ear thru the muslin... and snip an opening so it peeks out.

Now figure out where you want the eyes to go... and cut the holes in the Teddy Boo's "sheet".

Put pins in your Teddy Boo where the eyes will eventually go...

Get your "Stiffen Quick" ready....

Now take the "sheet" off Teddy Boo and place it on some waxed paper.

Spray the "sheet" so it is saturated

Drap the sheet back over Teddy Boo, making sure to line up the pins in the eye holes...

Now take a rubber band and wrap it around the "waist" of Teddy Boo.

Let them sit overnight and then remove the rubber bands..

Take the "sheets" off, and re-spray again, gently smoothing out the marks from the rubber bands. Put back on the Teddy Boos and gently re-shape over them. Let sit till dry (I let them sit for about 8 hours again.

Now it's time for our Teddy Boo's to see with their own eyes! This is why we have left the pins in place.. .to make it very easy to see where to place them so that the will show thru the sheet. You can do it with or without white felt circles under the eyes. For these 2 I did them plain. Just insert the eye where the pin was and pull it straight out the back (or diagonally out the back). Tie back and sink the knot.

Here's how they look now with their own eyes...

And now... just slip on their "sheets"... and Voila! Teddy Boos!

I hope you have a lot of fun with these!!

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