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A. Lil Flakey

8 1/2" Snowbear Project Directions

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Snowbear Pattern Pg2
Snowbear Pattern Pg3
Mohair/Fur fabric: A fat 1/8th yard of mohair / fur
Prototype was made from 5/8" semi sparse, curly matted mohair.

Joint discs: (2) 1" discs (only one joint in this pattern)

The hardware of your choice (cotterpins, locknuts & bolts, setscrews...)

2 glass eyes - I used 9mm

Bells or buttons

Artificial "branches" - 2
I used "oak leaves" on branches and stripped off the leaves.

Pearl cotton for nose/mouth


Glass beads or steel bb's

Seam allowance is INCLUDED in the pattern: 1/8".

Basic Sewing: Sew with right sides of fabric together.
Do not sew into arrows, they are just to make matching the pieces easier.

General Teddy Bear Directions.

Snowbear Directions

Sew the head as usual (or see Basic Directions.)
Below are sewing directions for the body:

You have 4 body pieces.
Match up BODY A and BODY B together along the "F G H" side.
Sew from E to F - then leave gap where it says to leave open.
Now sew from G to H.

Match up BODY C and BODY D together.
Sew from I to J in the direction of the arrow at I.
Now you have 2 body pieces.

Match up the 2 Body pieces.
Sew from E/I to Y/Z. When you get to the dotted lines in the middle of the body, sew along the dotted lines to make a slight dart.

Now you have one inside out snowman, but he needs a base!
Sew his base onto the bottom just like you would a footpad.

Turn right side out thru opening.
Take finished and closed head and insert neck joint thru the seam at the top where all 4 body pieces join together. Attach disc on inside of body and secure.

Begin to stuff snowbear by filling the bottom inch or so with a weighted material. I use glass sand, you may also use stainless steel bb's. This keeps him from falling over.

Finish stuffing with fiberfill. This takes longer than you might expect for such a "little" body!

When he's all filled, close the seam.

Determine where his front is and sew on your buttons, bells of choice.

Take your "sticks" and determine how long you would like them. Trim to size.

Take your wire cutters and strip off about an inch of the plastic away from the wire base and the bottom of the "sticks" (where you will stick them into the snowman).

Take your awl and make a hole where you want the first "stick arm" to go.
Squeeze some white craft glue on the base of the stick and insert into the snowman.

Do the same for the other arm.

**I have TRIED the gel superglue... but it dries too quickly and becomes a huge mess! White craft glue is your best bet!

Let you snowman's arms dry overnight.

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