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Sebastian by Natasha

Sebastian - a 9" Bear

Pattern 1 pg1
Pattern 1 pg2

Material List

Mohair/Fur fabric: A 1/4 yard of mohair / fur will be more than enough...probably a fat 1/8th yard will do!

Joint discs: 4 - 1 1/4", 6 - 1".
(I recommend 1 1/4" in the legs, and 1" in the arms and neck.)

The hardware of your choice (cotterpins, locknuts & bolts, setscrews...)

Seam allowance is INCLUDED in the pattern: 3/8".

I have marked the joint placement on the patterns, but not the seam openings.

Remember to leave an opening on each piece though!
I prefer to leave openings at the top of limbs, but others prefer the sides.

Just follow the General Teddy Bear Directions.

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