Five Rough Terrain Cranes

Good Day Group! Today we venture forth in to the wild and rough off road world of the Rough Terrain Crane. These beasts are the unsung hero’s of the construction site, making thousands of lifts and moving tons upon tons of material, one load at a time. Why are they teased by the other hydraulic cranes? Is it because they cannot drive them selves to the job site, or is it that they do not have fancy cabs for the crew and a separate cab for the operator? Could it be the simple lack of turn signals?? Nevertheless they always are present, be it a building, a housing project, a road project or a bridge project!!

For today project we are starting with five (5) RT style cranes of various makes and models and converting them to, if you had not guessed already, Mammoet Livery. Three are destined to be kept local here in the states with forum friend bluebarn-another group from the seemingly endless pile of work he gave me! The other two are for forum friend Liftworks-where rumor has it they will be used in a display he is making for Mammoet in Alberta, CA. Imagine that guys, my handy work used for and by Mammoet. I am all a blush!!

As many of you know I start by total dis-assembly, strip and paint. As we only have a half hour for today’s show and we have already wasted time discussing why they are teased, we are jumping start to paint and assembly today!!

Here are three of the five cranes all painted and ready for assembly

Here are the other two of the five

Opps!!!! How did this picture of the dogs get in here?? The wife must have snapped them when my crane flash card was in the camera. Oh well, say Hi to Cleopatra, Athena, Isis and Pandora

Here we begin the sub-assembly of the crane parts. With all these rough terrain cranes, the boom sections are split in half and this makes them extremely difficult to work with. They are wide in the middle and tight on the ends. Once apart this exaggerates and this makes sliding the boom sections very difficult to slide together, and after paint almost impossible. Oh you can do it, but you can also watch all your paint come scraping right off!! So how do you deal with this? The answer when we come back from commercial……

Oh so you stuck around. Well I accomplish this two ways, I use my bench sander to grind away a little of the inside edge of the section and then a little from the outside. This makes the sections a fraction of an inch smaller inside and out to make room in the section for paint. The second thing I do is I epoxy the sections together in the center taking out the bow.

Next begin the sub assembly of the outriggers, hydraulic cylinders, tire and rims and attach the rams to the main boom. Add the operators cab with glass. Then attach the main boom section to the carrier, mast up!

Then assembly the carrier to the body

And then attach the tires and the first one is done

Then go to your next one and repeat

And before you know it you have five (5) freshly painted and assembled RT cranes all ready to go to the decal shop!

Now I have always found the completed cranes to look great, but its when you add the decals to the project, be it excavator or crane, that the project comes together and it jumps out at you.

And then the boys head inside to the fleet yard to hang out!!! Hopefully as there are five of them, they won’t get picked on too bad!!!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the show!!!!

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