Bob's New Woodworking Shop

I have spent the better part of the last nine (9) weeks working on my shop. Finally, I feel comfortable enough with my new shop that I am here to give you each your very own guided virtual tour of my new play land!!!! And get this-the first 100 tours are free-that’s right you heard it- there is no charge to for the tour you are about to take!!!

Our tour starts in the front driveway of our new place. Our house sits on an inside corner of an “L” shaped dead end street surrounded by forest preserve. The Hobby Shop, is a free standing 3 and ½ car garage. When I first moved in the shop was bare, just framed walls and open rafter ceiling. A nice 60 amp electric service was installed. After moving in and helping the wife get the house started I have worked almost exclusively on it everyday. Inside I installed two new walls with a door, 210 feet of conduit, 21 electrical outlets, 80 feet of compressed air line, 60 feet of duct work, 55 pieces or R13 insulation, 65 sheets of drywall (including 32 on the ceiling-the absolute worst part of the whole job), 5 gallons of primer, 5 gallons of white paint, 48 liner feet of fluorescent lighting and 3 gallons of Restoleum epoxy floor paint. I give you my shop:

We go through the gate into the backyard and here we are already, approaching the entry door. Safety glasses on please:

We stand in the entry way of my new work room. You can see all sorts of machines and equipment in a well light and fresh looking shop. The center of the far wall is the work bench and tool chest..

As we start the tour we view the North wall and the only window in the shop. Here we see the jointer, the miter saw and our newly constructed tool carousal. The cable TV is also on this wall as well as the shop stereo. The north wall also has the electrical panel and over head long board storage.

Moving to the work bench, we see the tool chest and sand blast chamber. We also see the beginning of the finishing area. Because of how I was able to build a separate bay for my wife’s Trans Am, I now also have the luxury of a dedicated spray booth, 6 feet by 10 feet. It has its own lighting and an exhaust fan ducted outside. The booth also has a fold down work table for spraying small items. It is also the location of first dedicated air drop with secondary regulator for the air brush.

Continuing our turn to the right from the spray booth bench we see the dividing wall between the shop the Pontiac Bay. Here we see the Preformax 16-32 drum sander, the band saw and dust collection, also what every wood worker must have—clamps.

Turning to look at the garage door we see the 50” table saw, router table, planer and lathe.

Now walking through door Metallica, with a nod to Eddie, we go into the Pontiac Bay where the Bird rests, the compressor is located as well as the furnace (which also has an air conditioning coil)

And thus we end our tour ladies and gentleman. I hope you have enjoyed viewing it as much as I have enjoyed showing it off. Now to get to the serious business of producing some stuff for the wife and converting some cranes to,,,,, you guessed it, Mammoet!!!


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