Assembling the Manitowoc 2250 Up Close & Personal

Good Evening Group! I have had the most fantastic day and I am going to share it with you. It all started last night on my way home from work. I have been watching a construction site on my drive home for several months now; it is a sports complex/arena/concert hall going up. Last night on my glance over at it, I noticed what looked like crane parts on trucks parked. I went over that night and counted 16 trucks full of Manitowoc equipment!!! It was dark, so photography was out of the question. This morning after making my first two appointments I headed straight over to the site to see what I could see!

The crew was busy assembling the crane. I pulled out the digital camera that my wife was nice enough to lend me, a Nikon digital N70 with a 220mm telephoto lens. I figured I could get some shots from the road with it. As I was taking my second picture, one of the crew saw me and waved. I waved back, eager to make contact. I motioned him over, and like a gushing school girl told him of my passion for cranes and my diecast collection-detailing my Manitowoc 555 and of course the 18000. I told him I worked in the trades supplying Detroit Diesel standby engine generators and that I carried construction safety equipment with me at all times as I frequently was on construction sites-I have hard hat, safety shoes, safety glasses and a vest. I was literally talking a mile a minute and finally asked if there was anyway I could come in the site and get some pictures first hand. To my complete surprise and pleasure he said he did not think it would be a problem. I asked to be introduced to the foreman, so I could get his permission also. And again to my complete surprise and pleasure he said yes. As they were on break I was able to discuss my passion for cranes with the whole crew-probably gushing like some love struck teenager! The all become very interested in the diecast stuff and asked a lot of questions and some had even seen some in company offices-this was an ALL crane!!

Well, I stayed on site for over an hour snapping up pictures like crazy. I asked if it would be all right to come back at lunch to take more pictures. Again the answer was yes. When I went back at noon, I brought an extra large pizza with me as a thank you, as well as printed out pictures of my Manitowoc’s and the Demag CC8800. Over lunch we discussed cranes-me asking about the 2250 and others they assembled and them about the diecast world. We were both pleased to discover that they in fact are about one and the same-size being the only difference. When I told them the pictures were going up on the web tonight they were all smiles-I gave them the DHS address and told them to look for the post.

I again stopped by at the end of the day. They were just wrapping up stacking the rear counter weights. I pushed my luck a little and asked if I could take a seat in the cab and again the answer was yes!! The operator, who was a very young 28 even took my picture-which is the last picture you see in the following shots!!!

Tomorrow I go back for the final assembly! I hope you enjoy the post. And if any of the crew happens to read this tonight-THANK YOU!!!!!!

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