Teddies by Laura Lynn - Handcrafted ~ Artist Designed Collectible Mohair Teddy Bears, Bunnies & Friends

Now Offering Memory Bears from Your Fur Coat

I am happy to announce that I now offer Memory Bears created from your fur coat, stole or collar.
Your bear will be fully jointed, with premium glass eyes & created from my original pattern.
Your Heirloom Memory Bear will be fully lined with muslin for added strength for the leather backing.
Each bear is made one at a time by myself personally.
As with all bears at Teddies by Laura Lynn, they are adult collectibles and NOT safe for children.

Cost per Bear
10"-12" Bear $300      14"-16" Bear $350
(+ $15 shipping for each bear)

What Furs Do I Work With?
Currently I will work with Mink, Muskrat, Sable, Persian Lamb, Opposum, Ermine & Rabbit.

Will Your Fur Work?
Best results are obtained if the leather back of your coat (or other fur garment) is soft & not dried out. If part of the leather is dried out but some is still soft, in most cases I can work around the dried out parts. If you pull back a little bit of the garment's lining, you can see the leather backing. If you are not sure, you can ship it to me. I always inspect the garment when I receive it. If for some reason I am unable to make any bear out of the garment, I will return it to you along with your payment - less the cost of shipping it back to you.

How Long Does it Take?
At the moment the turn around time is about 4-6 weeks,
but as we get closer to Christmas, it will take longer.

Deadline for Christmas Orders is October 1st

How to Order
You can drop me an email at LL@TeddiesbyLauraLynn.com

After we've discussed what you are looking to have done,
you will then ship me your fur along with payment to
Laura Matthews
PO Box 11655
Lexington, KY 40576

I will let you know your total cost (based on number & size of bears desired) in our emails. You can make the check out to: Laura L Matthews.
I will send you an email when I receive your garment and let you know when your bear(s) is on the way back.

Each bear is created one at a time and each will have its own 'bear'sonality,
as you can see by the 2 bears below. They were created from the same pattern and the same coat.

If you have any other questions, feel free to email me via the link above.

14 inch recycled mink bear   3